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Celeste, San Francisco

Thank you sooo much, girl, and you know you did that subconscious exercise on me on the full moon! Full moons are for clearing and banishing and manifesting.

When I got home, I found out we got another mural in October!!!

It’s working!!! I told you’re Magic!!


Stacy, Canada

She is Amazing, at first i said i can't be hypnotized but she did it.  Lhiza got me to quit smoking! I love her THE BEST decision ever!  Best Hypnotherapist ever!

Aston, California

I came to see Lhiza because i was depressed from a break up, but after our sessions, with all the magic she does. She cleared out tons of inner child trauma and abandonment issues trapped inside me from childhood.  I can't explain my breakthrough but it was the most amazing thing ever! Thank You Lhiza you're an earth angel!

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