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Attract What you Want By Staying In Your Power. - Lhiza B

Dry Reeds

Create the life you want to live!


Lhiza works as a fully qualified Mindset Coach and Business Mentor, helping individuals set and achieve new targets and goals in their private and work life.

Lhiza is an advocate against Narcissism and Domestic abuse.  She will teach you out of victim mentality and guide you to live the life you deserve and want to live. 


Helping you achieve confidence, self-esteem, and positivity—new Targets and Strategies at work or home. 


Personal and professional development, workshops, training, coaching, and mentoring. 

She’s a multi-disciplined practitioner and trainer who passionately believes in the mind-body connection. Her journey and her work with clients have led her to the conclusion that "we are what we believe and our health, along with the choices we make in life, correspond to our deeply knowing we make limiting decision, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that get us stuck in our world."


Step into the end results in your mind’s eye. See, hear and feel what your life will be like once you achieve your goal. If this doesn’t excite you and shift your state, then keep modifying the outcome and adjust this image until it does. Call me or link in my website so I can guide you to your next level.