About LhizaB

20 years Board Certified Hairstylist

Business Owner for 15 years

25 years in Customer Service Industry

Certified Hypnotherapist by American Board of Hypnotherapy

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Get the undivided attention of a seasoned coach who's been there. You'll know exactly what to do next, guiding you hand in hand through the way.


It's time for a change.

Lhiza B has a wealth of experience coaching individuals and providing hypnotherapy. She comes from a place of empathy and understanding when helping her clients. If she's been in your shoes, she will let you know. Lhiza provides empowerment and hypnotherapy services in the Oakland, CA area.

Schedule a meeting with Lhiza and get to know each other. It is her goal that during your sessions you come to love who you are and every detail about yourself. Lhiza will help you open your mind and step over those hurdles that have been holding you back. If you think it's time for a change, schedule a meeting with Lhiza B today!

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